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Session Leader

Session: "Navigating Difficult Personalities"

Jen Rowland
Corporate Trainer & Owner
Rowland Leadership Training and Consulting 

Jen Rowland is an educator, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Behavioral Consultant. She has been in counseling since 2003 and opened a private practice in 2009.

During the last 19 years, she has taught numerous classes on leadership, mental health and wellness, and resiliency. She has also supervised and mentored many other counselors to help them obtain their licensure and open their own private practice.

Currently, she is using her extensive training and experience to empower business leaders to maximize employee engagement and increase employee retention. 

Ultimately, Jen works with forward-thinking leaders that strive to create a culture of community and wellness for their teams. And as a result, these businesses see positive dividends to their bottom line. 

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