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Session Leader

Nakesha Moore
Officer of Equity
Academy Center of the Arts

Session: "DEI in the Workplace: Let's Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable (Using Real Life Experiences to Guide Us Through Conflict)"

Nakesha is a recent graduate of Va Natural Resource Leadership Institute. She currently serves as Officer of Equity at The Academy Center of the Arts. A former

co-facilitator for “Poverty to Progress”, now called “Bridges to Progress“ she planned and co- hosted “Poverty Speaks, Lynchburg Listens” a city supported event as well as Lynchburg’s first ever SNAP challenge. Her video, “My Story, My Struggle”, has gone beyond Facebook to be used as a tool for empathy for many community organizations. Also, as a published author and poet, Nakesha uses her voice to bring attention to inequalities present in varying faucets of society. Over the years Nakesha has facilitated numerous workshops that engage in subjects others shy away from. Racism, privilege, and intersectionality are just some of the topics she approaches with candor, transparency, and vulnerability. 

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