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Lynchburg native grows network through Young Professionals of Central Virginia

As a Lynchburg native, my story is somewhat unique among young professionals in the central Virginia area. Unlike most, I was born and raised in Lynchburg, and I even attended college and law school locally. Because Lynchburg is my hometown, my primary motivation for getting involved with the Young Professionals of Central Virginia was simply to expand my professional network.

As expected, becoming involved with YPCV has given me tremendous opportunities to make connections with other professionals that I would not have otherwise had. Not only have I made lasting business connections with other millennials, through the organization’s professional development events and luncheons with leaders series, I have also connected with more experienced professionals and high-level executives from a variety of local businesses and industries. In addition to making lasting business and professional connections through YPCV, I have also become plugged into a great circle of friends, which was something I had not expected or anticipated.

We are fortunate to have an impressive business community here in central Virginia. There are companies and individuals that have national and global connections, but still pour into our local community. I have found the YPCV organization to be representative of the business community as a whole: effective professionals looking to make local connections and lasting relationships.

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