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Level Up Award Winners

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

YPCV awarded five outstanding young professionals with the Level Up Award at our annual summit on November 18, 2020.

Recipients were nominated by co-workers, peers, and managers. The applications were reviewed and selected by the YPCV Executive Committee. Below is this year's recipients:

Meredith Colley

Diagnostic Mammographer


From her nomination:

"Meredith is a true asset to our department. Meredith takes excellent care of her patients. She performs diagnostic mammograms and assists the Radiologists in interventional procedures. She increased her Centra career ladder from a level 2 to level 3 this year. She is a leader within our organization and outside of work. She is co-chair of the Centra Ancillary Clinical Advancement Committee, she is a Peer Supporter for our department and she is project leader for our Trees of Hope project. She is a member of Young Professionals of Central Virginia, Academy of Arts MIX, Amherst Mountain Biking Club, American Society of Radiologic Technologists and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. Meredith is also in the process of earning her MBA from the University of Lynchburg. In her spare time, Meredith enjoys spending time with her family, friends and co-workers. She enjoys walking the downtown trails, hiking Sharp Top, Mountain Biking, golfing and attending a local church. She is very hardworking, caring , honest and giving and very much deserves the Level Up Award."

Joy Cover


Freedom 4/24

From her nomination:

"Joy began her tenure at Freedom 424 as a staff member and when the position of president opened up she "went for it" knowing she had what it took yet surrounding herself with mentors and leaders who she could learn from. She leads with passion, humility and a quiet but meaningful "presence" that makes impact. Despite the pandemic, she has been able to pivot programming not only locally but nationally to ensure that the work and the mission continues.....virtual races all over the country, splitting up their main gala over several days to adhere to social distancing, etc. She has built a team of capable leaders around her and innovates to maintain relevancy. Additionally, she has a lead role in another non-profit, Live Healthy Lynchburg where she donates her time all while being a new mom. I can think of no better person to honor as a bright shining example of what it means to Level Up."

Nicholas George

Founder and Executive Director

The Listening

Per his nomination:

"Nicholas is the Founder of The Listening. Per his nomination, Nick is bringing advocacy, hope, and creativity to the great city of Lynchburg through the arts. His passion for youth has been seen through Freedom Schools which seeks to build strong, literate, and empowered children prepared to make a difference in themselves, their families, communities, nation and world today. His desire to empower our community is evident through his cultivation of artists throughout our city. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, Nick continues to push the goal of The Listening and wants nothing more than to give our community a chance to change, connect, and learn from each other. Nick is intentional, thoughtful, and a servant of people. He does not just state that he wants change, he is able to empower people to create change within themselves, thus changing the communities in which we live."

Michelline Hall

Director of Marketing and Photography

Blackwater Branding

Per her nomination:

"Michelline is Co-Owner and Director of Marketing for Blackwater Branding and owns her own photography business. Per her nomination, Michelline is a dynamic speaker, teacher and leader. She is an individual that brings her best to whatever she is asked to do. In the world of advertising and marketing she is a creative juggernaut. An in spite of the heavy workload every client is treated as an individual. This approach to her job has allowed Blackwater Branding to 5 Reader's Choice awards for Best Marketing Agency. Three of which have been 1st place. Michelline has also served as a community leader for various nonprofits and initiatives. Groups such as Jubilee, The Academy of the Arts and Junior League of Lynchburg are just a few that have benefited from her input and collaboration. In 2019, Michelline was recognized by the Academy Center of the Arts with the Lottie Payne Stratton Award. And a week later Hall’s solo photography exhibition “American Woman?” opened inside Riverviews Artspace as part of its ongoing Emerging Artist Series. With so much that Michelline Hall has done for Lynchburg she is the perfect candidate for the Level Up Award!"

Lydia Turnier

Housing Attorney

Virginia Legal Aid Society

Per her nomination:

"Lydia works tirelessly to protect the legal interests of low-income renters. She is deeply knowledgeable about housing law and passionate about serving the low-income population of Central Virginia. She is so compassionate about housing rights and fights endlessly for her clients because she believes in justice. As a successful attorney, Lydia could be making a significant amount of money in a private practice in a larger city. However, she’s chosen instead to work in her hometown in a role that is fighting for the marginalized both on an individual and systemic level. She is a professional in her field and someone who cares for and is invested in the Lynchburg region. She is truly making a difference!"

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1 Comment

Sarah Blankenship
Sarah Blankenship
Apr 15, 2021

Congratulations to all the well deserving, amazing individuals!!

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