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YPCV Spotlight - Renee Chalmers

Name: Renee Chalmers

Company/Organization: Virginia Employment Commission

Job Title: Workforce Services Manager

How long have you been in Lynchburg? Eight Years

Tell us about your professional role: I am currently employed with the Virginia Employment Commission as the Workforce Services Manager and have spent the bulk of my career in Workforce Development. Prior to my return to the VEC, I served with the City of Lynchburg as the Youth Futures Coordinator, Central Virginia Community College as the Workforce Career Coach, and Virginia Department of Social Services as a Support Enforcement Specialist. Either working to assist clients with their personal career development or aiding employers in locating skilled employees, Workforce Development has been a driving passion for me. I love being a ray of hope for individuals and enjoy working to assist people gain self-sufficiency. In addition, acts of service is in my DNA and I enjoy being a resource for my staff and my community.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? I enjoy quite a few things. However, I would place Christian fellowship, traveling and shopping trips with my daughter to be amongst the top three. I also enjoy anything that involves laughing, exploring new food options and spending time with good people.

Who or what inspires you? My mom has always been a great source of inspiration for me. She has a strength that is unmatched. The sacrifices she made for me and my brother is the fuel that pushes me to succeed. I want to make her proud.

What's a fun fact about you? A fun fact about me that not many people know is for years I entertained the idea of doing stand-up comedy. I enjoy laughing and bringing joy and laugher to others. However, I'm also an introvert. So, let's just say it never worked out.

Why did you join YPCV? I joined YPCV to connect with other young professionals in the area. It's my hope to learn more about the community, my peers and how my talents can help assist our community in forward progression.


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