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Why Should Your Employees Join YPCV?

Young Professionals have many reasons for joining groups like YPCV. They want to connect with people that have similar interests in their age group. They want to give back to their community, or maybe they want to build their career experience. But why would employers want their employees to join a young professionals’ group? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Workforce Retention: Odds are if your employee is considering joining a YP group, they are a go-getter. This is someone you'd more than likely want to retain within your organization. Employees involved in their community are two to three times more likely to stay. Employees are also more likely to stay with companies that provide training and encourage continuing development.

2. Social Capital: Relationships are key for everyone. Organizations like YPCV can introduce employees to people they may have not met otherwise. This can be extremely beneficial to employees of companies that rely on business-to-business transactions or for increasing their customer base.

3. Leadership Development: Ineffective leadership can be problematic for any company. Groups like YPCV allow young professionals to gain leadership experience and skills through committee engagement, which can include event organization, strategic planning or serving in an officer role.

4. Professional Training: Training can be expensive. Travel, registration fees, reimbursements, etc. can weigh heavily on your organizational budget. YPCV offers multiple professional development events throughout the year right here in the region and most are free of charge. This is a great way for your employees to realize you care about their personal and professional growth while not breaking the bank.

YPCV would welcome the opportunity to speak with any company that may be interested in getting their employees more involved. Please contact for more info.

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