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Get Connected - Not Rejected!

On Wednesday, the Young Professionals of Central Virginia hosted our fourth Lessons from Leaders luncheon with N.B. Handy President & CEO Rosana Chaidez. Rosana was recommended to us by a former YP Board Member because of her leadership style and keen business sense – and she did not disappoint!

One common theme I’ve noticed among our four speakers is they had someone who believed in them. Whether they called them a coach, a mentor, a colleague or just their friend, they’ve all had someone they have credited with developing them into the leaders they are today. We all need someone in our corner from time to time. Someone we can call in good times and in bad for advice, for brainstorming, or maybe just for a mental health session over coffee.

If you are like most people, you’re probably stuck at step one: How do I find a mentor? First off, let’s take off some of the pressure by losing the term “mentor”. It reminds me of when you asked someone to be your boyfriend/girlfriend in junior high (you know the drill...I like you, do you like me?? yes/no/maybe). Asking someone you barley know to be your mentor could be awkward and may not go so well. The best pairings I have seen happen naturally. This is where YPCV can help!

One great thing about YPCV being a partner of the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance is the connections. If you are looking for professionals in your field, or entrepreneurs, or just new friends – we have the ultimate Rolodex (remember those things that stored contacts before our iPhones). We can arrange coffee meetings, or email introductions, or maybe just plan to attend one of our many networking events. We’ll get you connected! To learn more, email Jamie Glass.

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