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#NewYearNewMe...Show of many of you have used this hashtag since January 1? I'm guilty. Mostly, I'm just guilty of gaining weight from numerous holiday happenings so I resolve to eat healthier, drink more water, be know the standard stuff for January.

Maybe your goals for 2019 focus on saving more money, quitting a bad habit or trying a new hobby. What about career goals? When you think of resolutions for yourself, do you consider your professional self?

YPCV is here to help! Want to be healthier at work? Join one of our recreational sports team. Want to create professional connections? Come to one of our many networking events. Want to find a mentor? We can connect you to seasoned business leaders in your field. Want to improve a skill? Join us for a professional development event.

YPCV has created a few resolutions for itself this year - be on the lookout for more co-sponsored events with our partner organization the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance. We will place more focus on leadership development and career growth. And finally, we will host a Young Professional Summit in 2019 that will offer opportunities to connect with YPs from around the state.

Happy New Year!

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