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YPCV Spotlight - Emily Worsham

Name: Emily Worsham

Company/Organization: Freedom 4/24

Job Title: Officer Manager

How long have you been in Lynchburg? 26 years

Tell us about your professional role: I have been on staff with Freedom 4/24 for six years. Serving as the Office Manager, I get to wear many hats (which I enjoy). Some of my duties include managing our intern and volunteer programs, planning all of our international trips, and general office administration. I love that my skills are being used to help women and girls across the world find freedom and justice.

What do you enjoy in your spare time? I enjoy hiking, traveling, cooking, and making pottery. I just recently started a little side hustle selling some of my pottery!

Who or what inspires you? The amazing women on my team inspire and encourage me daily. Their passion and dedication for this cause is incredible, and I'm so blessed to work with them.

What's a fun fact about you? I lived in Argentina for a year where I went to school for Biblical Studies and learned Spanish!

Why did you join YPCV? I joined YPCV to meet and connect with other like-minded young professionals in the area that care about our community.


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