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Lynchburg Region: A great fit for aspiring young professionals

We thought it would be fun to have the YPCV committee members contribute to the blog and talk about their experiences as a young professional in the Lynchburg Region. We hope you find this new series interesting and helpful!

Enjoy this first post by Emily Berthoud, Global Components Buyer for CommScope:

I moved to Lynchburg in December of 2014. I chose Lynchburg because the local economy is diverse and well situated. I moved without a job lined up which was the most risk I had ever taken professionally. I had learned that meeting new people in the dead of winter was difficult and finding a job was even harder.

I went to my first YP 5:35 in March of 2015 and there I found out about the position that I have now. I met a ‘YPer’, who I am still friends with today, who told me about the opportunity. I work for CommScope, a $5B company headquartered in Hickory, NC with representation in over 50 countries. CommScope provides wired and wireless communication systems around the world, I am a global buyer of components that are used in our products that keep the world connected as we move into the era of 5G and the Internet of Things.

There are many companies like this hidden in the Lynchburg region that have the local ‘family’ type atmosphere with global connections. The region is a great fit for aspiring young professionals with the growth of the downtown area and stability of larger long standing companies.

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