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Make friends & connections with YPCV

I moved to Lynchburg in May of 2017 after graduating from Hampden-Sydney College. I had gone to high school in Lynchburg, my family still lived in Lynchburg, and most importantly I got a job there. Initially I was skeptical about moving back because I wanted to live in a big city with lots to things to do and people to meet. At first my skepticism was warranted, I had trouble finding the right places to go and always seemed to hear about events in the community after they occurred.

I started to go to 5:35 events hosted by the Young Professionals to see if I could meet some more people my age and not only network with them but find friends. As I attended networking events, pop up events, and other YPCV events I began to fall into a good friend group. Becoming involved in the YPCV has not only helped me professionally gain skills and connections but has provided for a great experience to get involved in the social scene of young professionals in the Lynchburg Region.

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