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YPCV connects newcomers in Lynchburg

Before moving to Lynchburg in 2015, I grew up on a dairy farm in upstate New York where my immediate family still lives, graduated from The College of Wooster in Ohio, attended law school at the University of Richmond, and clerked for a judge for a year in Southwest Virginia. As the one-year term for my previous job was coming to an end, I started looking for another job and was very fortunate to be offered a job with a prominent law firm in Lynchburg. One of the big draws of moving to Lynchburg for work was the fact that it is a growing and thriving city with a low cost of living, lots of events, outdoor activities, and an amazing walking/running/bicycle trail system. That being said, I did not know much about the city’s dynamics or anyone from the area when I first moved to Lynchburg.

After getting settled in at work and into my new apartment, I started looking for ways to get plugged into the community and meet people. That is when a colleague and friend suggested that I attend the YPCV’s monthly 5:35 social because it is very well attended by other young professionals from the area, including several who are also new to Lynchburg. I am glad that I listened to my friend’s advice and started attending the YPCV’s 5:35 socials because I have been able to learn more about Lynchburg’s businesses and industries, discover and visit new restaurants, and make lasting relationships and friendships with other young professionals.

In addition to the monthly 5:35 social, the YPCV’s professional development and pop up events help individuals grow professionally and provide important, useful, and practical information. Also, attending the YPCV’s leadership luncheons is an amazing way to meet leaders and executives who have significant experience, insight, and substantial connections given the state, national, and global customers and clients that their Lynchburg based companies serve.

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